Fashion Positive in Copenhagen

Fashion Positive had an exciting spring in Copenhagen during the Copenhagen Fashion Summit. As partners to the Danish Fashion Institute, we shared our vision for transforming the building blocks of fashion into a positive force for people and planet. On the mainstage at the Summit, Lewis Perkins hosted a talk with Ellen McArthur and Wendy Schmidt on industry-level strategy for achieving circular fashion, and Fashion Positive director Annie Gullingsrud shared a panel with PLUS members from H&M and Kering to talk about defining and driving demand for circular materials.

Global Brands Join Fashion Positive Plus To Collaborate On Safer, Circular Materials For Fashion Industry

OAKLAND, CA – Leading fashion brands have joined the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute’s Fashion Positive PLUS collaboration to accelerate the development of safer, circular materials for use in the apparel industry. PLUS is a membership collaborative of pioneering brands, designers and suppliers collaborating to catalyze positive change in the fashion industry through the development of “circular” materials that can remain in perpetual cycles of use and reuse. 

Responsible Sourcing Gets Buttoned up With Sustainable Findings

Responsible Sourcing Gets Buttoned up With Sustainable Findings

Fabric. Fabric. Fabric. If textiles are the Marcia Brady of the garment industry, then buttons, zippers, fasteners, and trims are the Jan.

They may not be sexy, but they’re certainly indispensable. Divested of zippers, coats would be ineffectual buffers against the cold. Without buttons, pants would puddle on the floor. If hooks and eyes suddenly vanished overnight, we’d have to contend with a lifetime of stretch knits we must shimmy over our heads.

Even in the sustainable sector, where provenance is king, findings and notions are rarely spoken of in the same rapt tones as, say, cruelty-free organic silk or regenerated fishnet nylon. Notions offer few of the same tactile delights, nor do they typically make for compelling spiels.

But times, as they say, may be a-changing.

Fashion Positive in London

Last month, Fashion Positive, a sector initiative of the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute, took the Fashion Positive Materials Collection to London for Future Fabrics Expo organized by The Sustainable Angle. It was the Fashion Positive Materials Collection’s debut at an industry trade event. We saw familiar faces in the crowd as well as new ones among the 800+ attendees over the course of the two-day show. 

Reinventing Fashion with Renewal Workshop

Circulate News- November 10, 2016
By Nicole Bassett 

Trying to fix the apparel industry is more than a daunting task. It is a systemic change that needs to happen. But it isn’t quite as scary when you look at it through a circular economy lens. In fact, looking at it through this lens creates a beautiful, simplistic path for design, production and use of a product. Now we have to integrate that beautiful simplicity into an archaic industry. Luckily there are many working on this, slowly creating solutions that patched together will produce an incredible web of change. Designing differently is already happening as companies start to create products that can actually get recycled. The Cradle to Cradle’s Fashion Positive program is creating a library of Cradle to Cradle materials. Apparel brands are creating systems for collection and processing, and recycling technologies are evolving from ideas to implementable solutions.


Fashion Positive to Launch Priority Materials List

SOURCING JOURNAL- October 21, 2016

Following last month’s launch of Fashion Positive Plus, Cradle to Cradle’s membership collaborative, the priority materials list will require a similar volume collaboration approach to compliance. Industry members will identify pre-competitive, commonly shared materials and determine if these materials can contribute to a more circular economy. The priority materials list is expected to launch at the end of the year.

Innovation and Waste During Fashion Week

THE HUFFINGTON POST- September 22, 2016
By Samata

Truly moving the concept of waste to an innovative place is Cradle to Cradle (C2C), an institute focused on helping to make products safer and more sustainable for our planet; by looking to nature for design inspiration and reflecting how nature wastes nothing, C2C continue to cover new ground in the waste conversation.

Cradle to Cradle’s recent volume pooling initiative, ‘Fashion Positive PLUS’, invites members to jointly assess and develop a materials library and add value by designing circular systems using biodegradeable, safe, intelligent nutrients for products. By encouraging shared intelligence around materials, dyes, trims and yarns, C2C is using a crowd-sourcing approach with a circular economy mentality (the idea that we maximise our utilisation of resources, and then recover and regenerate them at the end of the product life service). 

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