MATERIALS LIBRARY UPDATE: A Digital Portfolio of our Certified Materials for the Apparel Industry

The Fashion Positive Materials Library is the newest component of our efforts to connect industry partners. By creating an online portfolio of all the Cradle to Cradle Certified™ materials suitable for use by the fashion industry, Fashion Positive aims to connect you and industry partners directly to the incredible materials available in our Materials Library. It is our objective to make this a useful resource for designers and to offer our entire portfolio of Certified materials for apparel and accessories. This digital resource will allow you to more easily find, research and use all of our wonderful Cradle to Cradle Certified™ materials in your products.

The Fashion Positive team has hired textiles consultant Laurin Guthrie to work closely with our network of suppliers to collect information about their Certified™ materials in order to provide the most current, detailed information possible to our fashion industry partners. Laurin recently graduated from California College of the Arts’ Textiles Program and has experience with a wide range of textile processes and passion for regenerative design.

Starting in April 2016, material specifications, available colors and information about stock and custom ordering will all be available to allow you to find the perfect material for your project’s needs.

 Stay tuned for more Fashion Positive Materials Library updates as we prepare to share it in April 2016!