Fashion Positive in Copenhagen

Fashion Positive had an exciting spring, culminating in the Copenhagen Fashion Summit in May, during which we shared our vision for transforming the building blocks of fashion into a positive force for people and planet. 

In her opening remarks for the Summit, Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary of Denmark summarized the driving force behind our work on circular design by paraphrasing C2C President Lewis Perkins. She said that with a growing global middle class, “…reducing consumption is not a realistic ambition; therefore, we need to design products that are not harmful to our environment, nor the labor force that creates them.”

We agree, and we’re working to take the global fashion industry a step further by transforming the creation of fashion products into a process – and an end result – that is positive for both people and planet.

Developing circular material inputs for the system is essential to achieving true circularity. That’s the purpose of the Fashion Positive members group called PLUS. At the summit, PLUS member representatives Cecilia Takayama of Kering and Cecilia Brannsten of H&M joined Annie Gullingsrud, director of the textiles and apparel sector, at a breakout session at the Summit to share their experience and learning as their companies reach for circular material goals.

On the main stage with Lewis Perkins and Fashion Positive benefactor Wendy Schmidt, Dame Ellen MacArthur, founder of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, announced the launch of her foundation’s new Circular Fibre Initiative. In the words of MacArthur, the initiative “aims to catalyze change across the industry by creating an ambitious, fact-based vision for a new global textiles system, underpinned by circular economy principles.”

In advance of the Summit, Fashion Positive also hosted a daylong workshop on circular fashion. The workshop’s aim was to develop the capacity of fashion professionals to shift the industry into a circular economy.  Watch a short video from the day here.

Back home at headquarters in Oakland, California, the Fashion Positive team is devoting the summer to developing a new website featuring tools and pathways for industry actors to accelerate circular materials. The website will launch in September.