April 05, 2016

Material Spotlight: Lauffenmühle’s Materials and Notions for Apparel

Lauffenmühle’s toolkit is Cradle to Cradle Certified™ SILVER-level with a Material Health rating of GOLD. It is a complete set of materials suitable for use in the construction of apparel and safe for biological systems.

Lauffenmühle set out to prove that ecologically safe materials could be just as durable and effective as any other materials, so they developed a collection of materials based on their infinito® yarns and reworx® fabrics to be used in workwear, which has some of the highest durability requirements in the apparel industry. With Lauffenmühle's extraordinary toolkit of materials, it is possible to fully construct apparel that is safe for biological systems without sacrificing performance. 

Some of the remarkable materials contained within the certified toolkit include:

  • Elastic bands: Lauffenmühle’s elastic bands contain a first-of-its-kind biodegradable elastomer which is blended with their own infinito® biodegradable polymer yarn to create an elastic band for apparel. 
  • Sewing yarn: Made from infinito® biodegradable polymer, Lauffenmühle's sewing yarns make a perfect companion to their reworx® fabrics, or any other applications which require a strong thread for biological materials.
  • Ribbons: Woven from infinito® biodegradable polymer, Lauffenmühle's ribbons can be used both functionally and decoratively.
  • Cords: Woven cords made from infinito® biodegradable polymer offer a structural option for functional applications while still being decorative.
  • Woven labels: Garment tags woven with infinito® biodegradable polymer yarns.
  • Buttons: Lauffenmühle offers buttons made from infinito® biodegradable polymer in a range of sizes and colors.
  • Interlining: Made from infinito® biodegradable polymer, Tencel® and a biodegradable coating, Lauffenmühle's interlining is an excellent uncompromising solution when working with biological fabrics.
  • Monofilament for 3D printing: Made from infinito® biodegradable polymer, this monofilament can be used with widely available 3D printing technology to create almost anything.

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