Gold Level Certification

The shift into materials as inputs for the circular economy begins at the Gold level of Cradle to Cradle Certification.

The Gold level Cradle to Cradle assessment verifies that there are no relevant human or environmental risks in a material’s chemistry. Risks such as plausible exposure to substances known or suspected to cause cancer, birth defects, genetic damage, or reproductive harm. Gold level materials have passed a thorough assessment on every chemical substance in a material down to 100 parts per million.

Gold level materials are produced using at least 50% renewable energy and outputting 100% clean effluent. And a positive impact strategy has been developed to address supply chain-relevant social issues.

Material Health

Knowing the chemical ingredients of every material in a product, and optimizing towards safer materials.

Material Reutilization

Designing products made with materials that come from and can safely return to nature or industry.

Renewable Energy

Envisioning a future in which all manufacturing is powered by 100% clean renewable energy.

Water Stewardship

Manage clean water as a precious resource and an essential human right.

Social Fairness

Design operations to honor all people and natural systems affected by the creation, use, disposal or reuse of a product.

Certified Inputs for Circular Fashion

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