Cradle to Cradle Certified Fashion Positive’s first-ever podcast kicks off with a discussion about blended fabrics. Why blended fabrics? The vision of Cradle to Cradle is safe and healthy products perpetually cycled. It’s the perpetually cycled part that stumps us when it comes to biological/technical fabrics. The reality is that blended fabrics, such as cotton/polyester, are not currently recyclable. That t-shirt you wore and loved that now has a huge hole in it, well, it’s headed for the landfill where it won’t be able to decompose (the polyester prevents this).

The panel, facilitated by Fashion Positive’s Annie Gullingsrud, with Lewis Perkins, Founder of Fashion Positive, Tim Coombs Founder of Bionic Yarn, and Jay Bolus, President of Certification Services at MBDC, discusses the current landscape of blended fibers and recyclability, and how to bring Cradle to Cradle design methodology to facilitate a future of all products, perceptually cycled, included blends.