One library of Cradle to Cradle Certified™ materials, endless possibilities to create.

On our own, we can do less harm. Together, we can make fashion the world’s cleanest industry. We are the biggest brands, most admired designers and most forward thinking suppliers, working to make apparel that is safe and beautiful right down to the threads and dyes.

On our own, we can reduce waste. Together, we can make waste obsolete. We can create a fashion industry where water- and energy-efficient raw materials are made into gorgeous finished products that are worn, loved and then reprocessed into new products or returned harmlessly to the earth. It’s an endless, positive loop we call circular fashion and it’s quickly moving from a bold vision to a reality.

On our own, we can demand that everyone in our supply chain is treated fairly. Together, we can make our demands impossible to ignore.

Today, our community is re-inventing the basic building blocks of fashion — fibers, dyes, fasteners, zippers — so they can be produced cleanly, fairly and efficiently.  Our library of Cradle to Cradle Certified™ building blocks is growing as we share our specific material needs and collaborate on how to meet them at scale.

We see a day, not far off, where individual designers won’t have to invent ways to inch closer to fashion that benefits people and the planet. Everything they need will be right there at their fingertips.

Join us. Because working alone you can create something beautiful, but working together we can create a far more beautiful world.

Certify Inputs for the Circular Economy

Fashion Positive members are joining together to identify, create, and certify inputs for circular fashion.

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