Material Reutilization

Fashion manifests elegance through design. Designers in the growing field of material reutilization are building circular infrastructure for the fashion industry and expanding elegance beyond the garment. In the near future, collection systems that enable processing and reutilization will perpetuate, preserve, or even increase material value.

Circular fashion preserves the embedded resources and energy in a garment. The longer a garment’s integrity and complexity are maintained, the better. Collections agents are organizations that collect material for processing; the following categories of material processing often complement one another:

  • Mend: Preserve a garment’s integrity and complexity
  • Reuse: Sell or share garments
  • Renew: Refurbish a garment at a commercial scale
  • Remake: Remanufacture a garment and preserve material value
  • Recycle: As a last resort, surrender a garment’s integrity and complexity through mechanical or chemical processing to preserve material value 

Reutilization Guide

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